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Class 1/ 2S

By St Woolos Primary | Jun 19, 2013

Mr Stedman decided to ask his class to tell you about what they like about their class and the activities they do. The children love the Role Play area where they get to play and practice the skills they have learnt, they also use this as a means of using the Welsh they have learnt.…

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Class 1/2 DL

By St Woolos Primary | Jun 19, 2013

Hello! We are Class 1/2 DL. We sat together as a whole class to write this to tell you all about us, so here it goes… We have been together since September 2012. We are a very happy class who like learning new things. We are very lucky to have a bright and exciting classroom…

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St Woolos Primary School

Welcome to St Woolos Primary School

By St Woolos Primary | Sep 1, 2012

Welcome to our new pupils who have started in Nursery and Reception and to those pupils joining us in other classes! Miss Jenkins has joined us as new teacher in Reception and Miss Goodwin has joined us in our newly created additional Year 4/5 class. Welcome to them!

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