The Pupil Development Grant allocated to St Woolos Primary School from September 2017 to July 2018 is £92,500. The number of pupils in receipt of free school meals is around 34%.

The School Effectiveness Grant, Welsh in Education Grant and Pupil Development Grant are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from the Education Achievement Service (EAS) and Newport City Council.

This year the school will undertake the following activities in order to support pupils facing the challenge of poverty and deprivation:

  • Fund TA and teacher staffing for a range of intervention programmes that support Literacy, Numeracy, Communication, Emotional Development and Developmental Co-ordination
  • Fund staffing for nine hours weekly to monitor attendance (SSO2)
  • Fund a range of curricular workshops to enhance pupils’ learning experiences
  • Fund an after-school sports coach, Gateway Rugby and County in the Community football activities
  • Subsidise transport for class visits, enrichment activities and other sports activities