Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you to Class 3J who have been very moved by the current plight of families and animals in Australia and who spoke to children in our assembly last Wednesday. They who have organised a Chocolate Draw to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross.  Children in Class 3J are selling tickets every break time this week and they are 50p a strip. Thank you to children, families and staff who have donated chocolate.

We had a great set of presentations to Class 6W from Newport People First (an advocacy group of adults with learning disabilities) on Friday. They talked to the children about some of the difficulties they have faced when they have been out in the community. Class 6W were very moved by their situation and the group will be returning in the summer term so that we can work together with them. The group were extremely impressed by the thoughtful words and excellent behaviour of the children in Class 6W when they met them and we are very proud of them.

Classes 1D, 1/2D and 2S are had an immersion day today  – “Let’s Explore!”. Although all topic work in all of the classes starts with an immersion activity, these days will not always be dressing up events but will sometimes be class days when children are equally as immersed in a set of collaborative activities but without the need for them to dress up in role. Today the children did lots of fun activities as explorers and loved their exploration for clues around the school.

These special days, which have been developing over the past two years, are just one of the ways in which we are adapting our curriculum in preparation for the new National Curriculum for Wales, which is being published in its final form on the 31st January. After half term, we will be holding a series of parent meetings to let you know more about this curriculum and further details will follow on this.

On Wednesday Dental Nurses will be in school for Nursery and Reception Fluoride Varnish programme. They will be returning on Thursday for Years 1 and 2.



The attendance for last week showed a slight improvement and, across the school, it was 94.9%. The year to date figure is 92.9% and our target is 94%.

Thank you for your continued support with this. Every week the new weekly total will be written on a poster on the front and back main entrance doors, so that you can see our progress with attendance.


Eco Request

Thank you for supporting our Christmas Card Recycling Competition. Members of the Eco Team were busy keeping the running total of cards every day and the final total was 6403.

My apologies. We didn’t run the class competition this year and I had forgotten that we had changed it. However, we had a great number of cards collected to be recycled and our total amount has been submitted to Newport Wastesavers. We will do this competition again next year.


Diary Dates

You have received a paper copy of the school Spring Diary Dates, and also a Class Topic letter. All of the newsletters are being sent by Schoop only now. Spares are available from the office and the newsletters always go on the website

Parental Consultations will take place after half term. The dates are:

Tuesday 10th March          – 3.45-7.00pm

Wednesday 11th March  – 3.45-5.30pm


School Dinners

Chartwells are doing a special Chinese meal tomorrow to mark Chinese New Year which takes place on Saturday 25th January.


Yours sincerely,

H Vaughan