Dear Parent/Carer,

This has been a very fast moving and strange week but I wanted particularly to say how amazing our children have been, how very committed all staff have been and also how very supportive you have been towards all staff. We have been really comforted by your words of support and the purpose of this letter is to comfort and support you.

Our children haven’t left us; they are just in a different place for the next few months, and their teacher will be in touch with them, to say hello and guide their work for the week, every Monday, via their Hwb email address (or Schoop if you don’t have internet access).

If we haven’t heard from a child by a Wednesday we will send another email to just see if all is well with you and your family.

Teachers will be in touch with your child at other times regularly during the week but you will not be able to always have a daily contact because our staff may be deployed elsewhere or engaged in other additional roles. We won’t be contacting you during the Easter Holidays though.

I will send out a Schoop newsletter every Monday to keep you up to date with everything and all school communication will continue to come through this route. All pupil/parent/teacher communication will be through your class teacher’s Hwb address, which you were given in your child’s pack. Please also follow us on Twitter @StWoolosPrimary

This is a new experience for each and every one of us and, as we work our way through it, we will find new ways of coping and adjusting and will find out that we have strengths that we hadn’t known about before. It’s a time of challenge, but out of challenge can come good and that is what we must focus on.

You and your child will always remember this time together so please make the most of the opportunity to enjoy it, to laugh, play games, dress up, make things, read stories and rediscover some of the joys that you found when you were young. Create lovely memories ☺

Finally, I want to send our grateful thanks to our parents who are NHS staff or carers. We will do all we can to help you do the difficult work you are now faced with.

Over the next few months please keep yourselves safe and stay in touch. We will continue to think about you.

Remember that you are still part of the amazing St Woolos family!

Very best wishes,
H Vaughan