Dear Parent/Carer,

What an incredible week with our Home School! We have been bowled over by the children’s engagement and contributions!

Thank you also for supporting us with this! We’re aware that it won’t always have been easy!! If it’s any comfort, several staff have to supervise their own children’s work at home as well so they are going through what you are going through!!

This Friday Note is just a brief end to the week and I’ll send one out every Friday, just to keep in touch.

Free School Meals and Collecting Items

Free School Meals will be available on Monday from 12.00-1.00pm from the Nursery. You will be able to collect a few days’ packed lunch items. The next collection will be on Wednesday.

Pupils of the Week
Congratulations to the following Pupils of the Week!
RDA – Oscar
DH – George
Cl 1D – Georgina
Cl 1DJ – Imaad
Cl 2S – Aliza
Cl 3J – Nick
Cl 3/4B – Levente
Cl 4P – Evan
Cl 5P – Amira
Cl 5/6M – Kim
Cl 6W – Oviya

Look out for the certificates on Twitter and in your inbox next week. These will be on Twitter later (@StWoolosPrimary) and we are using the hashtag stwoolosfamily so that you can see our school community over the coming months. If you’d like to tweet a picture of you and your certificate, I’ll retweet it.

School breaks up for the Easter next Friday. We usually have an Easter Hat Parade at the end of term so next Friday we will do the same.

This is a bit of advance warning – next week we’d like children, and adults if you want to, to make a hat to wear and tweet a photo of your child (and you) wearing it if you can on Friday. (If you don’t want pictures online, send them to your teacher instead.)

You don’t need to do anything fancy. Just use anything at home that you have eg, boxes, wallpaper, newspaper, string, wool, fabric, etc. We’re hoping for lots of amazing creations!!

Don’t forget to put your clocks forward.

Have a lovely weekend!! Hope the sun shines!!

Very best wishes,
H L Vaughan