Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope that you have had a good weekend, managed to get some fresh air and were able to relax a bit.

For all of us, we’re all trying to get into a routine with work for school and with home life, and having a routine will be really helpful for everyone in the weeks ahead. I haven’t quite got mine sorted but I know that I’ll have to include some exercise – which will be a challenge for me!!

We are all still so impressed by the level of engagement with pupils between their teachers and we want to say a huge well done and thank you to you for being so on the ball with everything we’ve asked you to do.

However, we don’t expect your child to sit working solidly all day. We are realistic about the challenges this would cause so just work out a system that works for you. Don’t stress if for some reason your child isn’t able to access the computer or internet, isn’t able to finish a task or just can’t concentrate. Don’t let them work beyond school time if you can help it but rather, park their learning for the rest of day, relax and have family time watching films, playing board games etc.

It’s better that your child remembers this time as an opportunity to become an independent learner with a sense of success, rather than a child who didn’t complete all their tasks. Remember what I said about life being about experiences beyond formal learning.

What your child will remember always in the future is the fun that they had in this special time and the happy memories that will last.

Free School Meals
In a change to the message today, free school meals will be given out tomorrow also because we had pizza to give out today and a few extra sandwiches.

They will be available to collect from the Nursery (in North Street) from 12.00-1.00pm tomorrow and you will be given extra. Please bring a bag with you to put your food in.

Free school meals will also be given out on Wednesday and Friday of this week.

Hub Childcare Centre
We haven’t yet opened as a Childcare Hub because we have had no final requests for places. However, we will be accommodating some children next week during the Easter break.

As a staff, we all want very much to help every one of you who is carrying out such crucial front line work and we are committed to helping in whatever way we can.

Pupil of the Week
When your child gets their certificate because they were Pupil of the Week, please take a photo if you are able/would like to, and email it to your child’s class teacher. They will then send it to me and I’ll put it on Twitter. I know that some of you will not want Twitter pictures and that’s absolutely fine so there’s no need to send a picture.

Easter Hat Parade
This is our last week of term and we break up on Friday for two weeks. The summer term for Home Learning starts back on Monday 20th April.

We are going to have our usual Easter Hat Parade so over the next few days, so please help your child to make a bonnet or hat if you are able to. They don’t have to be super smart. It’s much better to be creative with foil, paper, cardboard boxes, etc, and use whatever you have in the house. (You can use flour and water to make a light paper glue if you have nothing else in. Otherwise, folding can be amazing.)
If you can take a picture on Friday and either tweet it or email it to your child’s class teacher’s Hwb email address any time from Friday onwards and over the Easter weekend, I will put everyone on Twitter so that as many children as possible can see their friends and their hats. (If you don’t want your child’s picture to go on Twitter, that’s fine. Just let your child’s class teacher know. It would be nice for your child to send their photo to them though if that’s ok with you.)

Hopefully, by doing this we can remind one another of our lovely St Woolos family

I’ll send a Friday Note out at the end of the term.

Have a great week. Good luck with the scissors, tape or glue!!!

Very best wishes,
H L Vaughan