Dear Parent/Carer,


Well done to Class 3/4M for such a great Class Assembly all about Portugal! It was really enjoyable to listen to.

Attendance and Punctuality

Congratulations to our half termly Early Bird prize winners today who were Quynh An Le (Class 1/2MS) and Fatima Idrees (Class 3/4M)! They each win a £5.00 giftcard.

Well done to those pupils winning fridge magnets for attendance also! The numbers of pupils with 100% attendance in each class last halff term were:






Number of 100% pupils











Number of 100% pupils






Atetndance contiues to be a very high priority for us because it is so low compared with the rest of the city and we have not met our target of 94% across the school. We are currently 41st out of 42 schools across Newport for attendance, which is unacceptable.

At our recent Governors’ meeting, the decision was taken to apply Fixed Penalty notices where attendance is unacceptable and has made no improvement. We will also be reviewing school attendance at the meeting this week with the Principal Education Officer, Val Davies, and the Assistant Head of Education, Martin Dacey.


Boys are taking part in a cricket festival at the International Sports Village at Spytty  Park on Tuesday.

Our after school Cricket Workshops run by Newport Cricket Club, continue this Wednesday because the coach is making up an extra session lost before half term.

Class Assembly

Our next Class Assembly will be on Friday at 9.15am and it will be taken by Class 3/4J. You are welcome to come to watch it.

Green Day

The Eco Team are organising an Eco Green Day on Friday to help to make our school grounds greener and more attractive.

Children are able to wear casual clothes or wear something green and bring in either a plant, planter or money (50p) to buy some plants.

If you would be able to help one afternoon with gardening, please let Mrs Hayes know.

Casual Day

Thank you for supporting Casual Day. We raised £104.15 towards the purchase of new IT equipment.


Our school computers were upgraded over the holidays and they now have SSDs (Solid State Drives) which will make them much quicker. We are now also using Word 2016.

The Welsh Government’s Digital Competence Framework for ICT across Wales means that we are having a much greater focus on developing computer use in school. This means that the focus of our fundraising over the next year will be ICT apart from special small theme fundraising such as that by the Eco Team or charity days. My aim is to get a class set of chromebooks so that pupils can work collaboratively on projects and have much greater access to computers and I will also be trying to get some sponsorship for this.

The Friends of St Woolos

Our Father’s Day Sale will take place in the week commencing Monday 11th June. Please help us by sending in items such as shower gel, sweets etc to sell for presents. All money raised will go towards buying additional ICT equipment.

Thanks you if you have already sent in items to sell.

Bonus Ball

There is a rollover this week.

Yours sincerely,

H L Vaughan