Dear Parent,

Thank you very much to Mr Parker (Freya’s dad) for donating his time as DJ for our fund-raising Disco on Friday after school! Thank you very much also to parents Ms Pochkhua, Ms Paraiciuc, Mrs Zeshan and staff who supported us with this. It went really well and the total profit was £136.80. This will go towards our next Chromebook. We have already bought two with funds that you have helped to raise, so thank you!

Tomorrow we have our Harvest Festival Walk-through (Practice) ready for Wednesday and you are welcome to send in any Harvest food items from tomorrow or on Wednesday. We share all food donated with The Raven House Food Bank, which has one of its bases at Stow Park Church and serves families across all of Newport.

We have a limited number of spaces available for parents so if you would like to join us on Wednesday at 9.30am for our Harvest Festival, please let the office know. Thank you to those parents who have already contacted us. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

On Thursday, Colorfoto are in school to take photographs of all pupils from Nursery upwards. These are individual photos, but if you would like a photo taken with a younger toddler or baby, please arrive at school by 8.30am to join the queue.

If you would like your child to have a photo taken with brothers or sisters in another class, please complete the attached form and return it to your child’s class teacher by Thursday at the latest.

Our next Family Learning Workshop also takes place on Thursday 10th October from 9.00-10.30am and it will focus on Phonics, Key Words and Spelling Strategies. This is an open group so you are welcome to join us, whatever, the age of your child. It was great to see so many parents returning to join us from last year.

You will have the chance to work with your child for part of the session and I hope that you can join us for this! Refreshments will available.

We have an INSET day on Friday 11th October and the School and Nursery will be shut for the day.

We will also have an additional INSET Day on Monday 4th November.

This is not listed on your Diary Dates sheet, but is being taken in conjunction with some other schools in the John Frost School Cluster. We are joining one another at Clytha Primary School and we will be working with a team of very experienced advisors, to look at ways of implementing planning and assessment in Maths.

This is part of our process of getting ready for the new ‘Successful Futures’ curriculum which is being published in January 2010 and which we will have to follow from 2022.



Our Target for 2019-20 is 94%.

Miss Sweet has produced a school action plan for Attendance and Newport City Council are monitoring us with that because our pupil absence figures are so poor.

We have discussed this at our Governing Body meeting and it will be an item on the agenda at the next meeting later this term.

Please ensure that your child is in school, on time, every day.


Parental Consultations

These take place next Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October for all school age pupils.  There are also Nursery Parental Consultations on Tues 22nd October and Wednesday 23rd October (These dates are on your Diary Dates sheet also.) In addition, Miss Watkins will be holding a session on Wednesday 23rd October because she is unable to be here on Wednesday 16th October.

We make ten minute appointments for each child and, to make the evenings really fair for everyone, we will stick to this time limit closely. You are, as always, welcome to make a separate after-school appointment to see your child’s class teacher to discuss any special issues.

Please help to make the evenings run fairly for everyone by helping with this.

A children’s DVD will be running in the Nursery and, if you have to bring your child with you, your child will be expected to attend this DVD so that you can look at your child’s books quietly.

Please complete the attached form and return it to your child’s class teacher by Thursday of this week in order to get your appointment. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Thank you


Yours sincerely,


H Vaughan



Thursday 10th October


Name of child:                                                                                Class:


I would like my child to have their photograph taken with their brother/ sister……………………………………..




Signed:                                                                   (Parent/Guardian)

Please return to your child’s class teacher.





Name of child:…………………………………          Class:……………….……                                                                         


My preferred appointment times are:


(Please number 1-3 in order of preference.)


Tuesday 15th October





Wednesday 16th October

(Not Class 6W)




Wednesday 22nd October

 (Class 6W only)



Nursery appointments are done separately in Nursery.


Signed:                                                        (Parent/Guardian)     Date:



Please return this slip to your child’s class teacher by Thursday  10th October